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Currently there are over 50 million users on Steam, averaging just above 5.5 million concurrent users each day. This massive number includes my own Steam account, which I often use. Mostly for chatting and pasting links to my ever growing list of Steam friends, but from time to time I play some games too. After finishing the enjoyable-but-way-too-short Orcs Must Die 2, it was time to fire up a game I bought during the disappointing Steam Winter Sale 2012, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter. It is a remake of the original Serious Sam: The First Encounter that I played a long while ago, and I was excited to give this game another shot (see what I did there?).

After pressing the glorious play button you are dragged into an environment that would be described by today's casual gamer as dull, empty, not-all-that-HD, and worst of all, clueless. This gamer would instantly get lost in the first level as there are no markers or notifications telling where you have to go. Even though you start in a desolated desert in front of a huge pyramid. Only carrying a pistol and walking towards the pyramid you notice emptiness, lots of emptiness, until you finally spot one enemy that you can kill with only two shots. In my fond memories of the original game, I would swear there would at least be a couple of enemies. Boy, was I wrong. (At this point I should mention that casual gamers should not continue reading as I might spoil a bit of a walkthrough here).

Trying to enter the lower part of the pyramid, I died. A massive army of Kleers (look it up if you don't know what a Kleer is) run me over. I did hear some sounds when I entered (although the Kleer sound more like a chopper, I noticed afterwards), but did not see any warning signs so I simply entered it without really looking for enemies. Boy, was I wrong again. Modern games made me lazy and spoiled. Entering the lower part again, I finally killed every single one of them, proud that I only lost 20 out of 100 health. Relieved that this is finally a game again where bullets hit roughly the same point as where you pulled the trigger, I struggled on. I died again, again, and again.

After a while though, I got hold of it and literarily plowed through the enemies with my new best friend, a single-shot shotgun. The shotgun was found in a secret chamber that required some discovery and several tricky jumps. Hell, it was worth every second. I felt like God, when he decided to destroy the earth because of mankind's evil deeds. Then something terrible happened, I dived into a deep pool of water and died. Yes, I was eaten by a bloody fish. What was going on? Last time I checked I had 40 out of 100 health, which in today's standards equals full health. Boy, was I wrong again. Two bites of the fish where enough to take Sam to heaven, where 72 virgins would be waiting for him if he was a Muslim. I just picked up 10 pills of +1 health, I did not expect to die. Taking a slightly different path this time I got hold off a rocket launcher and went back to the fish. Blasting my way through water I noticed a tiny block sticking a little bit out of the wall, just large enough to notice. Not giving much attention to it, I got out of water and continued my path until I was blocked by a huge door. After looking for alternative paths and levers that I didn't find, I suddenly remembered the block again. Wait, could it be… Yes, it was a button. Why didn't the game tell me about it? Whoa, what did I just say. No, please, leave it be.

Continuing my path in Serious Sam, I got hold of a minigun while entering a huge battle area. Spinning up the minigun and shooting as many as I could, I died. A Beheaded Kamikaze enemy blew up right in my face. I respawned immediately, hungry for revenge on the Beheaded Kamikaze enemies. I switched to the rocket launcher to give them a taste of their own medicine, which did not end well. For me that was, as Kleers tried to run me over while I was shooting with the rocket launcher on the Beheaded Kamikaze enemies. The splash damage of the rocket launcher also damages yourself when it is exploded near your face. Good for me. I respawned and took the minigun again, and in the moment of ongoing waves of enemies I felt like a child again, I smiled, laughed and had immense fun. Something I haven't felt like in games for years. To all game developers out there, more like this, please, I beg you.

As a side note, Steam Greenlight is announcing a new batch of titles to be Greenlit on January 15th. We would like Driver Fusion to be part of it, so please vote for us here.